Baby Hosky

Hosky had a fun weekend and ended up with 2 billion babies..
Now he has to find a new home for them because he can't possibly care for 2 billion Baby Hosky's.
Are you capable enough to help raise the babies?

Adopt Baby Hosky's

Thank you so much for wanting to help raise these 2 billion babies!

The initial sale has concluded but you can still trade for bbHosky on decentralised exchanges!

Do NOT send funds from an exchange! You need a Cardano wallet. Examples: Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami, Adalite, or ccwallet.

Policy: 547ceed647f57e64dc40a29b16be4f36b0d38b5aa3cd7afb286fc094

Baby Hosky Token


We like simplicity, Hosky's and memes.
This is the sole reason we created Baby Hosky Token.

Every single Baby Hosky Token ( is available to the public!
This is because daddy hosky is busy and mommy hosky is missing.. They won't be able to give the Baby Hosky's the life they deserve.
We believe the Cardano community is capable to care for the babies!

You can adopt
50000 Baby Hosky's for 7 ADA
100000 Baby Hosky's for 12 ADA
150000 Baby Hosky's for 17 ADA
200000 Baby Hosky's for 22 ADA
250000 Baby Hosky's for 27 ADA
(2 ADA will be returned together with the Baby Hosky's)

The Baby Hosky's will be released through a vending machine to streamline the distribution to their new guardians without compromising security and to make sure everyone can sleep in peace.

During the first 7 days after launching (from the 15th till the 22nd of November 2021) every transaction resulted in the adoption of 100000 Baby Hosky's instead of 50000 for the same price.

Policy: 547ceed647f57e64dc40a29b16be4f36b0d38b5aa3cd7afb286fc094